Your bicycle in Mannheim Central Station

Welcome to Mannheim !

Although not obvious first glance, it is possible to avoid stairs in Mannheim Central for smoothly moving wheelchairs, children's push chairs or bicycles between platforms.

It is easy to arrive or depart from platform 1: there is no barriere if either passing the entrance hall, by-passing the building in the north-west (shortest way to platform 1, section A) or using the narrow gate between railway mission res. guarded bicycle parking and repair and ramp to the subway in the south-east (shortest way to platform 1, section E).

Track 2, Section A 

 If you need to transfer between any of the platforms 2 - 12, you may use the elevators located in section A of each platform to access the north-western subway (the smaller one). Assume, it takes you  5 minutes, if there is no queue at the elevators.

The main subway in platform sections D could be accessed only via stairs or escalators. Using the latter with a bicycle may raise the concern of railway officers. 

Map of Station (German language mainly)  Newer map of station



Escalator to main subway

In order to transfer without barriere, but time consuming (about 10 minutes, not including queue time) from each of platforms 2 - 12 to platform 1 or if your final destination is Mannheim, please push your bike to the elevator in section A.

Use the elevator to enter this (smaller) subway, push further to the basement of the entrance hall, pass the two elevators (too small for bicycles) close to the rest room (right hand) to the entrance of the underground car park (left hand).


Narrow ramp to main entrance               Too small elevator to ground floor

Between basement and car park you will find to your right a narrow ramp comprising an U-turn, which does end in front of the main entrance. 
Tandems bikes, Tricylces or bikes with trailers we recommend to push further to the main subway. 

Just before entering the main subway using the ramp to your left, you could reach the bicycle parking or the railway mission (turn right at the end), the platform 1 (see above) or the center of the town incl. the famous sight "Wasserturm" (= historic water tower, straight ahead). 


On the other side of the Taxi car-park, next to the tram-stop, you will find the tourist-information.

Following the boards "Veloroute Rhein" guiding to the left you will find in a little distance the great Mannheim palace, hosting a museum and part of the university. At north side of the western wing the marked "Drais-Route" to the Drais memorial in Mannheim-Rheinau starts.  

Using the main subway to it's other end, you will find your way to district "Lindenhof", the strand of river Rhine and the Mannheim youth hostel. Be aware, this way is not stairless at present (April 4th. 2024)  

Enjoy your stay in Mannheim !

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